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Repairing M-Audio AV 30 Speakers

AV30-Repair1I have been hearing a 60Hz buzz though my M-Audio Studiophile AV 30 Speakers and suspected a problem with the filtering capacitors.

One of the capacitors failed producing the nasty buzz, but it was an easy fix.

After ordering a pair of Nichicon 4700μF capacitors from a seller on eBay, it was an easy job desoldering the old capacitors and soldering the replacements.

AV30-Repair2AV30-Repair3The speakers now perform as well as they did when I first bought them.

Olympus Micro Four Thirds Lens Repair

After a short day of shooting in Nawiliwili, Hawaii I dropped my bag with my camera inside. The lens of the camera separated from it’s mount that was still attached to the camera, breaking the ribbon cable that allows the lens to communicate with the the body. I desoldered the old ribbon cable and make my own wiring harness by recycling the wires in an old pair of bluetooth headphones. The new bundle of wires now fit snuggly in the lens. After gluing the lens back together it worked perfectly.CameraLens2