About Me

I am currently employed by a major cruise line’s production department. I am currently traveling the globe and working on the many diffrent shows abord the ship.
Formaly, I worked for the entertainment department of a major theme park as a theatre technician. I installed, maintained, and operated the various shows and attractions around the park. I worked with a variety of contractors and other technicians to make the directors vision a reality within the tight time constraints. Much of what did do involves installing, configuring, and maintain the large lighting setups the park operates. During the off-season I often travel home and assist my old high school with maintenance of their venue and any production they may be working on.

At home experiment with small electronics and build microcontroller controlled devices. My current interest is in low voltage, computer controlled lighting.

I am also an amateur radio with a general class license operating under the call sign KK4FSY.

I may be contacted at adam [ąŧ] adamlaurich [ĎŎŤ] com.


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