Experiments With Long-Range WiFi

I am attempting to use the 23-centimeter band of the amateur radio spectrum for high speed digital communication over long distances with minimal hardware. I am using modified Linksys routers and directional antennas to attempt creating a 1+ Mb/sec connection over one mile. Most my testing is currently being done over a nearby body of water.

Battery RouterMy first generation WiFi testing setup. It is a second generation Linksys WRT-54G running DD-WRT powered by a Li-Ion battery pack. The battery pack consists of four Trust Fire 18650 Li-Ion cells with built in protection circuitry purchased from Deal Extreme. A voltage regulator drops the voltage down from the battery pack’s ~14-16 volts to the 12 volts the router requires. The battery pack is rated at 2.4 Ah and is able to power the router for several hours before recharging, more then enough for setup and testing. Two antennas, one 10 dBi directional panel antenna and one 3dbi omni-directional antenna are mounted about five feet above the router.

Tower TestThe antennas are approximately 25 feet above the ground. There was some difficulty raising the tower at its full height, there was excessive flexing while raising it off the ground. I will shorten it by ten feet to make it easier and safer to setup.

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