EuroLight LD6230

EuroLight setup

I recently purchased a pair of Behriner EuroLight LD6230 dimmer packs used from a seller from eBay.  Each pack supports six channels at 10 amps each and support DMX, an analog input, and a manual mode.  There are also some advanced features such as adjusting the dimming curve and lamp preheat.   The packs do not include their own power input and channel breakout so I had to build my own.

The Eurolight dimmer pack with the top cover removed, from the rear.The packs appear to be well built for being a budget unit.  All of the components are well heat-sinked and the cabling is very tidy, making it easy to setup and troubleshoot.
Outlet box before modification For the outputs of the dimmers, I am using a recycled piece of rackmount gear that was originally used to remotely switch computer equipment in the 80’s.  It has 12 outlets available for the 12 dimmers between the two dimmer packs.
 EuroDimmer Outlet Ready to be PaintedI removed the now unnecessary components originally used to control the contactor that switched the equipment.  The holes were filled in with JB weld and then sanded it smooth before repainting.
 Eurolight Outlet WiredTwo pieces of flexible conduit connect to each of the dimmer packs.  Each outlet carries a pair of circuits with a common neutral, all neatly carried in the conduit.

I am satisfied with the setup.  There is some troubleshooting to be be done with the upper dimmer pack, one of the channels is stuck at full and doesn’t respond to the manual control or DMX.  The packs eventually need a permanent home built for them for storage and transport.

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