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Bluetooth Audio to Stock Saturn Radio

Saturn Radio DisplaySeveral years ago I received an iPod Touch for Christmas and I wanted a better way to get the audio from the device to my car’s stereo.  In the past I have used FM transmitters that worked pretty well, but the audio quality can be poor and you have to adjust the transmit frequency when traveling between radio markets.

I found iSimple’s iPod2Car adapter.  It emulates a factory CD Changer for a bunch of different radios from a variety of manufactures.  The device unlocks the auxiliary audio input for the radio and passes the control commands from the radio back to the iPod.  The setup worked for several years with my iPod, allowing me to enjoy my music collection as well as podcasts and audiobooks in my car.  After I bought my first Android phone I needed a way to connect it to my car to enjoy streaming Internet radio.  A simple iPod Bluetooth adapter hidden behind a cup holder has worked very well, it passes the audio to my car stereo as well the control commands back to my Android device.

I may have the only Saturn S-Series with a factory radio with Bluetooth audio input.

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EuroLight LD6230

EuroLight setup

I recently purchased a pair of Behriner EuroLight LD6230 dimmer packs used from a seller from eBay.  Each pack supports six channels at 10 amps each and support DMX, an analog input, and a manual mode.  There are also some advanced features such as adjusting the dimming curve and lamp preheat.   The packs do not include their own power input and channel breakout so I had to build my own.

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